For Sale Viper Competition GT3

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Verkauf  2.6.2014  ren530261  Gebraucht  Dodge   2007  Nein / Nein 8300  651  EUR 99.000

For sale Viper Competition Coupe GT3

The car has the following specifications;

- Original GT3 Viper Competition Coupe chassis number 098,
- In very good condition, completely rebuild in beginning 2012
- Installed with a sequential EMCO gearbox in verry good condition, rebuild with new driveshaft and dogrings
- Three way Moton shocks (checked beginning 2012 by Moton)
- Full Motec ADL2 Pro dash
- Modified ABS system
- AP-Racing Pedal-box brake system
- Improved Front Brake cooling with inox air ducts
- New seat and seat belts installed in 2012
- Upgraded to a 651 bhp (835 Nm torque) engine with Generation 4 headers (US Hybrid
Kit), air inlet and two 5 in 1 exhaust manifiolds ( run time at the moment 6 hours)
- Exhaust equiped with kat’s
- Equiped with the Racelogic traction-controle system
- Installed with a dry-sump system from Peterson fluids
- 100 ltr fuel cell with two single filler necks (quick fill from ATL)
- Fuel tank upgraded to a two in tank pump to run on 4 bar
- The system also includes a fuel return, adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- Full air jack system with 4 air jacks
- New dry battery installed in 2012
- 3 extra sets of rims
- Lexan front windshield (new)
- New rear window
- New spec Front splitter (GT2)
- New spec water radiator and engine oil cooler (GT2)
- Improved flow radiator inlet ducting and outlet ducting to bonnet (GT2)
- Improved engine air inlet system with K&N air filters
- Diveplane on the front bumper
- Modified front stabi with twist blade
- Wider front rims to enable front tyres of 300/660/R18 in stead of standard 285/650/R18


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